Warts in the Dancer

Warts are a virus that infects the outer layer of the skin (epidermis).  They are considered opportunistic and will enter the skin through a small wound or under a callous or blister.  Thick calloused tissue grows over the developing wart and can be painful.  The surrounding area may also feel swollen due to the immunological response of the skin, reacting to the infection.  Warts may occur as a single lesion or may spread to be clustered forming several or many warts.

Causes of warts specific to dancers:

  • Small breaks in the skin
  • Calloused skin or blisters
  • Moisture: feet that sweat excessively allow an environment for warts to develop and grow

Signs and symptoms:

  • The typical appearance of a wart is a lesion which has a rough outer layer and small black points inside
  • Warts can appear anywhere on the foot, ankle or toes
  • A painful callous may have an underlying wart
  • Warts may bleed easily when the calloused tissue is trimmed
  • Warts are typically more painful when pressed side-to-side

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