Custom-made Orthotics for the Dancer

Custom-made Orthotics are medical devices that fit inside of your shoe to support the heels, arches, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together and function properly. Orthotics are different from over-the-counter arch supports in that they are custom-made from a plaster cast that is molded from your foot. These casts are prepared by podiatrists who can prescribe orthotics to fit your own unique foot type. The end result is a custom-made device that fits only your foot and arch. Custom-made orthotics are made of materials that are comfortable, yet supportive for your distinctive needs. They will typically last years and can be designed to fit any type of shoe including athletic and dress shoes. Custom-made orthotics are made to help support any malalignment in the foot, improve overall posture, and reduce any pain in the feet, ankles and legs while you are wearing them.

In dance, the arch is strengthened more than any other sport or activity. It may be difficult, and if lucky enough, not needed, to have custom-made orthotics in your dance shoes or slippers. But outside the dance studio, it is extremely important to keep the arch supported during normal activity. There is no reason to allow the arch to fall or collapse during the hours outside the dance studio. Custom-made orthotics, prescribed by a Dance Medicine doctor, can be used to help maintain your arch height and also assist with foot exercises to further strengthen the arch. Because dance puts extra strain on the foot and ankle, fatigue and injury can eventually occur. Depending on the issue, a custom-made orthotic may help keep the foot balanced, supported, and protected in your dance and daily shoes while trying to heal. Check with your Dance Medicine doctor at Olympic Foot and Ankle for more information.

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